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Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

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JantarMantar is an astronomical observation, which was built in the 18th century.  There are many observatories across the world, but JantarMantar is considered one of the largest ever built. The name JantarMantar combines religion, science and art together. It includes a series of five magnificent structures built in the pink city Jaipur, New Delhi, Varanasi, Ujjan and Mathura. JantarMantar was built in 1720s by Maharaja Jai Singh II, whose interest in universe and cosmos compelled him to build this astronomical observatory.

The word “JantarMantar” is derived from the Sanskrit terms ‘Yantra’ meaning ‘instrument’and ‘Mantra’ meaning ‘formula’ respectively. The term ‘Yantra’ was then replaced by ‘Jantar’ which means ‘magical’. This monument is a house for various astronomical and architectural instruments, which are of immense interest to historians, astronomers and architects around the world.

It includes a set of 20 major fixed instruments, which are monumental example of masonry of well-known instruments which have their special characteristics. There are fourteen geometric devices used for measuring time, observing orbits around the sun and tracking constellations.  These instruments were designed to allow Maharaja to observe astronomical positions with naked eyes. They are embedded with a number of architectural and instrumental innovations, which makes them most comprehensive and well preserved historic observatories of India.

One of the popular structures in JantarMantarinclude “SamratYantra”, which is considered as the largest sundial in the world. JantarMantar houses the “Hindu Chhatri”, “JaiprakashYantra” and many more. This monumental building is a brilliant reminder of the Jaipur’s royal heritage and stands as a royal evidence to the former period. Some of the major attractions nearby include Jaipur city palace, Jaigarh fort and Galta Monkey Temple. This beautifully build structure is a must see in Jaipur and is regarded as an intriguing structure.

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