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Places To Visit in Banswara

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Plan your holidays in Banswara for a memorable trip

Banswara is a prominent district in Rajasthan. The princely district was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. This exotic place has got his name from the abundant bamboo or ‘Bans’ forests. Banswara is adorned with a huge number of islands in the Mahi River. The tourist location, situated in East Rajasthan, hosts a very big festival known as Baneshwar festival. The exotic hills and the river islands attract a lot of visitors. The locations of Hotels in Banswara are pretty compatible with the attractions of the tourist destination.

Attractions in Banswara

The place is adorned with dargahs and temples for both the sects in India. Abdullah Pir is flocked by Muslim tourists for religious visits. Andeshwar Parshwanathji dating 10th century AD is a holy shrine for the Jains and is full of Shilalekhs. Arthuna houses a lot of Hindu and Jain temples. The ruins in and around Arthuna gives a historical vibe to the atmosphere. Diablab Lake is adorned with lotus flowers and Badal Mahal resides at its banks is also a major attraction. The place also has wildlife attractions for the wildlife enthusiasts. Home-stays in the resorts and Hotels in Banswara near the forests offer an unforgettable experience.

Visitors come to Banswara for religious pleasure and find their accommodation in the Banswara Hotels that are situated in and around the exotic locations offering scenice beauty of nature. Hotels in Banswara offers good service with all the facilities a tourist desire to find in the heritage destination. The Banswara Hotels near the river have their own ambience of serene natural scenery. All types of budgets comply with the Banswara Hotels without any conflict. The place is flocked with huge volume of tourists of different motives every year to witness the attractions. Once visited this place recalls every one due to its divine environment and peace.

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