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Are you tired of spending your days in a closed room? Do you feel less lively and wanted to breath in the fresh air of nature? In the hustle and bustle of city life, we start to forget that spending time with nature is actually important. In this internet based generation, talking to yourself, recognizing your instincts and an escape towards the natural aura is very essential.

Majority of people living or working in metropolis like Delhi has their own little village from where they actually belong. The childhoods spent in villages are unforgettable. To talk about those old days is one of the most enjoyable activities among group of people.


The technology is increasing rapidly and as a result our life is getting easier day by day. But have we ever tried to know about the factors which are making our life sophisticated? Whatever we are eating today if not grown in villages, we can starve. So villages have a vital role in our daily life.

But millions of us living in the urban cities rarely get the chance to have this opportunity to find themselves in the village like surrounding. Therefore the Rural Urban Village which is the combo of Rural Village with Urbanization is emerging as an attractive destination. The nostalgic point where people remembers and talk about their old golden days spend in the ‘Gallis of villages’ feels so warm. To have a replay of village life in the metropolitan city of Delhi, the Rural Urban Villages are the perfect place to visit. They also act as a contributor in the Sustainable Development which helps to make life more comfortable for everyone.

RURBAN VILLAGE Adventure Activities

The RurBan Village’ ( URBAN VILLAGE )  nestled in a fascinating village Baraka Arifpur of Ghaziabad  (36 km from Akshardham on national Highway 58) welcomes its visitors from all over India to give them the great experience of Rural Urban Village.

Generating electricity using Solar Energy and biogas for cooking, breeding animals and birds and promoting reforestation, the RurBan Village is an ideal place where you understand sustainable development. The rural Sports like Lattu, Gilli Danda, Kite Flying, Sack Race, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Carrom etc. gonna transform you into your childhood version. The rural activities like pottery, Charkha, Biscope etc. are like jumping into your past. The amazing blend of urban and rural lifestyle, the RurBan Village also has urban sports like basketball, cricket and urban adventure activities like Zip Line, Wall Climbing, Tyre Climbing etc.  Here you can surprise yourself by more than ten activities using Rope. You will come across incredible things.  The ethnic breakfast like Makka or Bajra Ki Roti, Aaloo Puri etc. cooked in the ‘Chulhas’ of ‘Rasoi’ gives your mouth the taste of old golden days. Most of the ladies may find scary to feed animals with their hands, but it’s a very humble activity and gives adventure to some people too. Giving your eyes the nutritious view of beautiful nature is a kind of enjoyable as well as healthy activity. It’s the loveliest place for the people who miss their home so much. Especially the youth who are staying away from their family must visit here to get the home like vibes.

The famous day picnic spot has also arranged luxurious accommodation such as luxurious tents, rooms and mud cottages. So after an awesome day full of fun, you do not have to worry to relax yourself.

The Complete list of Activities of The Rurban Villages are :


Rural Sports –Rural Activities –Water Activities –
LattuPotteryMud Bath
Gilli DandaCharkhaTubewell Bath
Kite FlyingBiscopeRain Shower
Kanche GoliAtta ChakkiDuck Lake with Rahet
Gitthu/StapuDoodh BilonaLotus Pond
Langdi TaangRiver Crossing


Urban Sports –

  • Matki phod
  • Sack Race
  • Cricket
  • Animal Feeding
  • Kho Kho
  • Basketball
  • Rabbit Feeding
  • Rassa Kassi
  • Volleyball
  • Bird Feeding
  • Kabaddi
  • Football
  • Fish Feeding
  • Carrom
  • Badminton
  • Duck Feeding
  • Ludo
  • Cow Feeding
  • Saap Sedi


Sightseeing of nature initiative –Urban Adventure Activities –
Solar LightZip Line
GowshalaWall Climbing
Bio GasTyre Climbing
Vermi CompostBody Zorbing
Organic FarmingAll Terrain Vehicle
Drip IrrigationPaddle Boating


Rope Course –

  • Zig Zag Walk
  • Swing
  • Net Walk
  • Tripleage Bridge
  • Ladder Walk
  • Long Bridge
  • Step Bridge
  • Woodside Walk
  • Ladder Swing
  • Wood Walk
  • X Bridge Walk
  • Tyre Travel
  • Side Net Walk


Picnic Spots Places

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