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Top De Stressing Treks of Himachal Pradesh

Bhrigu Lake, Chandrakhani, Hampta, Kasol Kheerganga, Prashar Lake, Sar Pass, Triund, Beas Kund, Pin Parvati, Bara Bhangal, Rupin Treks of Himachal Pradesh

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Trekking sounds exciting especially among adventure seekers. It is the best way of walking down into the less traveled places. Trekking to the mesmerizing woods impacts huge effect on the wandering minds of people. In addition, it is one of the best ways to go beyond our limits in order to explore the hidden gem-like destinations designed by the marvels of nature.

Himachal Pradesh which is one of the top states in India in terms of tourism delights the trekkers to great amount. It is home to number of high mountain passes, intriguing Himalayan ranges, bedazzling rivers and innocent villages. Moreover, it is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi to release all the stresses produced out of hectic life of the metropolis. Explore the untouched beauty of Himachal Pradesh by exploring the top De Stressing Treks of this apple state which is listed below.

1. Bhrigu Lake Trek Manali

  • Height = 14000 ft.
  • Duration = 3 Nights/4 Days
  • Trek route = Gulaba to Vashisht
  • Distance = 27 KM



Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek Manali is one of the rarest trekking where you will be accompanied by alpine meadows all along your way. The maximum height of this trek is 14000 ft. Manali connects the trekkers to Bhrigu Lake which is an enchanting frozen lake. The distance of the trek is approximately 27 km. The base camp for Bhrigu Lake Trek is a small village of Gulaba. The trek ends in Vashist which has an ancient temple and a hot water spring on the banks of Beas River. Bhrigu Lake is best visited during the month of September to May.

2. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

  • Height = 12000 ft.
  • Duration = 3 Nights/4 Days
  • Trek Route = Rumsu to Rumsu
  • Distance = 24 KM



Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Set upon the height of 12000 ft., Chandrakhani Pass Trek is another trekkers delight in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It offers the panoramic view of Parvati and Pir Panjal both of which are the breathtaking mountain ranges of the state.Trekking starts from a tiny Himachali village of Rumsu lying close to Naggar. The total trek distance is around 24 km. You can also spot Deo Tibba Peak from Chandrakhani Pass.

3. Hampta Pass Trek

  • Height = 16000 ft.
  • Duration = 4 Nights/5 Days
  • Trek Route = Manali to Manali
  • Distance = 50 KM


Hampta Pass Trek


Hampta Pass Trek gives you a chance to explore the two most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh namely Kullu and Spiti. Kullu Valley holds the most prominent villages within its bound and Spiti has no words to describe. It is beyond imagination. Hampta Pass is situated at an altitude of 16000 ft. and the distance of the trek is 50 km. It starts from Manali.

4. Kasol Kheerganga Trek

  • Height = 13000 ft.
  • Duration = 2 Nights/3 Days
  • Trek Route = Kasol to Kasol
  • Distance = 26 KM


Kasol Kheerganga Trek


Nicknamed as Mini Israel, Kasol is an excellent place to hang-out in the wilderness of woods. Many youngsters love to lose themselves here during the weekends, holidays and vacations. Nuzzled in Parvati Valley, it is rich in natural beauty and hosts musical fests throughout the year. It is famous for Kheerganga Trek which is a captivating place in the name of Lord Shiva. It rewards its trekkers with the soothing hot water spring. Kheerganga is based at a height of more than 13000 ft. Trekkers has to determine the distance of 26 KM.

5. Prashar Lake Trek

  • Height = 8956 ft.
  • Duration = 1Night/2 Days
  • Trek Route = Mandi to Mandi
  • Distance = 18 KM


Prashar Lake Trek


Prashar Lake Trek is a year round trek which can be done with ease. The distance of the trek is around 18 KM from Mandi which is a small town full of temples. It is also nicknamed as ‘Chhoti Kashi’. Prashar Lake Trek takes you to Prashar Lake which freezes during the winter. This is the reason why some people prefer to head out for this trek during winter. The lake is perched at an altitude of more than 8000 ft.

6. Sar Pass Trek Kasol


  • Height = 13,800 ft./
  • Duration = 5 Nights/6 Days
  • Trek Route = Kasol to Kasol
  • Distance = 48 KM

Sar Pass Trek Kasol

Sar Pass Trek Kasol is the most suitable trek for beginners among all the treks. It offers every piece of natural beauty and attracts you to great amount. The trek starts from Kasol and takes all way along Parvati Valley. The trek determines the total distance of 48 KM. You can also encounter number of villages which gives you an insight of Himachali Culture.  May to October is considered to be the best time to go for this trekking.

7. Triund Trek


  • Height = 9350 ft.
  • Duration = 1 Night/ 2Days
  • Trek Route = Dharamshala to Dharamshala
  • Distance = 18 KM


Triund Trek

Triund Trek is one of the top five treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is also the attraction of Dharamshala among trekkers. Dharamshala is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh and it is a very beautiful destination for weekends and holidays. Triund is located 18 KM away from Dharamshala. Trekkers start from either Mcleodganj or Dharamkot. The distance from Mcleodganj is 2 KM and 7 KM from Dharamkot. Set upon the height of 9350 ft., Triund gives a fantastic view of entire Kangra Valley. Winter is the best season for this trek.

8. Beas Kund Trek


  • Height = 12,800 ft.
  • Duration = 3 Nights/4 Days
  • Trek Route = Manali to Manali
  • Distance = 30 KM

Beas Kund Trek

The sacred Beas Kund is a dazzling blue lake at an altitude of 12,800 ft. from where the famous Beas River starts to flow. The Beas Kund Trek that starts from Manali takes you to this lake. The distance of the trek is 30 KM. The trek route is easily accessible and anyone who are willing to go for this trek can make it within 3 Nights and 4 Days. The best time to go for this trekking revolves around May to October.

9. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

  • Height = 18,000 ft.
  • Duration = 10 Nights/11 Days
  • Trek Route =
  • Distance = 126 KM


Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the most thrilling trek of Himachal Pradesh. Pin and Parvati are two mountain passes. Pin is located in the Pin Valley of Lahaul and Spiti and Parvati is located at Parvati Valley of Kullu Manali. The trek is an exploration of these two most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The Total distance of the trek is 126 KM and there are two routes for this trek. One starts from Barshaini Village near Manali and the other starts from Kaza. Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the perfect trekking bite to taste Himachali Culture of Parvati Valley and Tibetan Buddhism of Spiti Valley at a height of somewhere 18,000 ft. The best season for this trek is between Mid June to October.

10. Bara Bhangal Trek


  • Height = 16,000 ft.
  • Duration = 9 Nights/10 Days
  • Trek Route = Manali to Dharamshala
  • Distance = 80 KM


Bara Bhangal Trek

Bara Bhangal Trek is also counted as one of the most thrilling treks in Himachal Pradesh. It takes more than 9-10 days to accomplish. The Trek commences from Manali and ends at Dharamshala. The distance of the trek is 80 KM which leads to the height of 16,000 ft. Bara Bhangal offers you panoramic views of mountain peaks life Deo Tibba, Nag Tibba and Hanuman Tibba. All along your way you enjoy the alpine meadows and hot water springs.

11. Rupin Pass Trek

  • Height = 15,250 ft.
  • Duration = 7 Nights/8 Days
  • Trek Route = Dhaula to Sangla
  • Distance = 52 KM

Rupin Pass is a mountain pass at a height of 15,250 ft. in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is the only trek which connects two Himalayan states of India. The trek begins from Dhaula which lies in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla in Shimla of Himachal Pradesh. The distance covered by this trek is around 52 KM. Rupin River flows all along the way. Rupin Pass Trek offers grand vistas of several mountain peaks among which Kinnaur Mountains can be spotted too.

Shimla and Manali are not only the charms of Himachal Pradesh. To explore the real beauty of this apple state, trekking is the best way. All the above mentioned treks are breathtaking and surprises you with their immense grandeur.

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