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Distance from Delhi – approx. 286 km

Kasauli is the refreshing angelic hill station with cute narrow roads perfect for walking and admiring this charming small town of the apple state of India (Himachal Pradesh). There are two beautiful parts of Kasauli town named Upper mall with the serene and calm environment and a well-structured military camp. Apart from the battalion of army, the civilians of Kasauli town are settled in its Lower mall. This is one of the few hill towns where you can reach only by road and so Kasauli is the best rod trip to take from Delhi. The whiskey lovers have an ideal place to visit in Kasauli which is known as Kasauli Brewery being the oldest brewery in Asia. The Manki Point gives you the panoramic view of the Kasauli Hills. This is the point where Lord Hanuman also took rest to revitalize him. So give your Kasauli trip a sacred touch by visiting this divine point. The colonial Christ Church, Baba Balak Nath Temple are some of the tourist spots. To spend time in the sunset point gives you tremendous peace. Accommodation at the most reputable Kasauli club is icing on the cake.  You will dive into the ocean of beauty of this land with its trembling breeze and scenic view. Buy yourself the souvenirs in the Kasauli market. Walking in this hill-town designed with lush green chir-pine trees and observing the apples in one of the apple orchards are the activities that will make your day.



Distance from Delhi – approx. 245 km

Jaipur is the centre of attraction of Rajasthan. The city with warm colors is one of the top places in India which still showcases the traditional beauty. The place which offers camel rides as the starter of your tour plate is an escape to the exploration of customs. The rustic sands where the life is believed to be hard to survive is like gold for Jaipur. It gives the deep tone of cream-like texture to this place. Get the adventure out of this Desert Safari tours. The first thing that pops up in our exploring mind when we step in Jaipur is none other than glorious Hawa Mahal or the palace of wind. The lovely reason behind the formation of this massive building was to let the royal women watch the outside activities of Raja and Maharajas which was restricted for them to be a part of. Visit the museum of Hawa Mahal. Observe and study the astronomy in Jantar Mantar. You can notice the huge sun-dial. The other famous attraction lies in almost every corner of this pink city and some of them are Nahargarh Fort and Amer fort. The elephant ride to Amer Fort is the adventurous activity which lets you fall in love with the breathtaking composition of the huge forts. For adding more unforgettable adventure to your Jaipur tour, you must visit to the gorgeous Albert Hall Museum to watch the Egyptian Mummy.




Distance from Delhi – approx. 258 km

Cuddled in the Shekhawati region at a distance of 190 km from Jaipur, Mandawa is a like a magazine telling the stories of the painted havelis at every corner of this silent town. You will get the calm atmoshphere favorable for your wanderlust of Shekhawati havelis which contributes Rajasthan to be the cultural capital of India. Some of the famous havelis of Mandawa comprises of Binsidhar Newatia Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, JhunJhunwala Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, Goenka Double Haveli among which Jhunjhunwala Haveli is the best symbol of Rajasthani architecture. The beautiful opening porch and many private rooms, frescos, painting of the Hindu god and goddess are observed here with great curiosity. Mandawa also known as Open Art Gallery is the perfect destination for having an art exploration tour.




Distance from Delhi – approx. 236 km

Covered with exuberant blue-pine trees just like a Christmas tree, the small hill station known as Lansdowne of Uttarakhand is the lovely summer retreat of your weekend or holiday getaway. The serene oak forest merged into the sea of white clouds takes you to an atmosphere where you breathe a new life free from all the materialistic burdens. The pride of Garhwal regiment, Lansdowne has a command office for Garhwal Rifles. Named after the founder Lord Lansdowne, this picturesque hill town has many spectacular colonial complexes such as St. John’s Church. One of the best itinery of this clean town is Bhulla Lake which looks so angelic and serves as the favorite picnic spot. The view of Lansdowne from Tip N Top view point is a one of the enjoyable activity to do here. Watch the unique Bhim Pakora where two stones are kept one above another in an amazing way that they never fall even after moving the one stone with a finger. Tarkeshwar Mahadeva Temple is also a sacred spot here. Lansdowne is one of the closest hill stations to Delhi and so planning your rejuvenating trip here is the best option.



Distance from Delhi – approx. 256 km

The land of Jaats as well as Punjabis is renowned for being a first planned city of India with the brilliant technology that it has adopted. Chandigarh has marveled the urbanization but has not left the traditional importance which you can still feel when you travel to this wonderful city. The popular parks with all the thrilling adventurous activity include Rock Garden and FunCity. Another natural attraction of Chandigarh is nuzzled in Rose Garden where you can have the blend of fragrances of various pretty flowers. The colorful garden with a fountain in the centre and a charming view of mountain around it makes this place a sweet hang out spot for friends and family. In the mysterious Roopkund Trek, you get an unbelievable experience as you will notice the traces of human skeletons and horses of ancient periods. Other touristy of Chandigarh are Sukhna Lake and Terraced Garden. So drive for almost five hours and you will find yourself in Chandigarh which has gotten the tag, ‘The City Beautiful’.

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