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Salasar Balaji Temple Rajasthan

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Make a visit to Salasar Balaji and enjoy the privileges offered by the Adjoining Hotels

Located in the Salsar town of the Churu District in Rajasthan, Salsar Balaji is the famous balaji temple which is also one of the famous places of pilgrimage in India. Balaji is the other name of Hanumana, who is the deity of this temple. Number of pilgrims comes to pay their visit to Balaji all throughout the year, but the special rush is experienced during the Chaitra Purnima and Ashwin Purnima when big fairs are also set up around the temple premises. The Hotels inSalsar Balaji consider this two periods as the peak hour for travellings here. According to them, the rush is so massive that all their hotels rooms get booked 3-4 months before the festival commence.

Association and History

Tourist coming to Salsar Balaji also pays homage to other two pilgrim centres: Rani Sali Temple and Khatushyamji which are located in close proximity to Salsar Balaji Temple. Pilgrims believe that the Balaji temple which was built on the 9th day of the bright half of Shraavana in the Samvat 1811(1754 AD) is the Shakti Sthal i.e. power place and possess miraculous powers that also fulfills the wishes of the devotees. Unlike other idols of Hanumanji, the idol here has a round face with moustache and beards that makes it different and unique among all other idols. Tourist coming here does not miss to drink water from the wells of the Salsar, says the manager of a Salsar Balaji Hotel, for it is believed to be touched with the blessings of Balaji and for this reason almost all Hotels in Salsar Balaji have Wells.

Facilities offered by the Hotels

The Hotels in Salsar Balaji arranges the necessary requirements for every ritual for its tourist who come to pay homage to Balaji. Coconut Typing with Moli, Savamani or offering food to the deity are the two main rituals performed by all visitors. For Savamani, several delicacies like Dal, Baati, Churma, Boondi, Peda and Laddu are offered. With these facilities, the Salsar BalajiHotels provide its tourist with excellent hospitality. In this list, you have SBM hotel, Shri Balaji Seva Samiti, Seva Sadan Salasar and many more, all located within a close proximity to the temple. These salsar balaji hotels offer you with standard and Deluxe rooms with Ac and Non ac Facility at an affordable price set keeping in mind the standard of all people coming here.

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